What are Defective on Arrival (DOA) versus RMA (user error) differences and process for returns and refunds?

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    Defective on Arrival (DoA) means that the smart glasses did not function upon receiving the device. This covers the displays not turning on. DOA does not cover user comfort issues i.e. if you feel the smart glasses are too tight or too loose for your own personal preferences. If the smart glasses are too tight we recommend continuing to use them and they’ll naturally expand over time. If too loose, use the provided smart glasses wrap.

    DOA categories:
    I received the smart glasses and the device didn’t turn on when I received it

    DOA doesn’t cover any issues caused by user modifications to the device hardware, firmware, software or accessories. . Please review the thirdeye warranty linked here.
    If DOA, contact support@thirdeyegen.com and a support rep will determine if the product falls under DOA category. If so they’ll provide you a return label and upon receiving the full device/accessories in original packaging, then will ship you a new device.
    RMA means you dropped the device. For this we recommend you purchase ThirdEye Protect which is a product protection plan (available on our website or contact support@thirdeyegen.com ). With ThirdEye protect you get a deductible on the product and a free replacement. If you did not purchase this, then you are responsible for the product error and can order a replacement or contact support@thirdeyegen.com to get a quote for fixing it.

    RMA categories:
    I dropped the smart glasses and they aren’t turning on
    I spilled water on them
    I connected a wrong cable to them
    And other user caused errors.