Will the FLIR One app be enabled within the Third Eye AR display? Or, will Third Eye use a native app?

  • administrators

    ThirdEye will use a native app purposely designed for AR. It has the following features:

    a) thermal video
    b) picture (w/wo a timer)
    c) option to view temperature (+/-range) displayed on top of objects/people
    d) utilizes torch so a-c works in low lighting
    f) SAVE LOCATION This makes it possible to see images on a map
    g) TEMPERATURE UNIT Use this setting to change the temperature unit of measure between the Fahrenheit and Celsius scale.
    h) ability for X2 to make a sound if the temperature above or below a certain number (user can set this in the app)

    As a developer, you can make your own app as well, via https://developer.flir.com/