What is Remote Assistance on ThirdEye workspace?

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    This part of the application is used for video conferencing and remote assistance.
    Also, users can record videos, take photos and save/upload them to the Workspace Server.
    Remote Assistance
    When a user selects the ‘Remote Assistance’, he/she is presented with the user's directory.
    On this screen, the user can select the option based on the first letter of the user’s last name that we want to call. Also, the user can say words like “A D” or “E H” etc. to filter out users to call them.
    Once the user selects a category he/she is presented with the user names (4 on a swipeable screen). Once he/she selects a user to call a new screen is opened asking to make a call or message that user (in Development). Once the user selects to make a call, a call to the corresponding user is made.
    This is the conference call screen, the user can join the conference by inserting the conference ID (Provided to them). The user can only join if the conference id is correct.
    Conference ID has a prefix with the ‘Enterprise name -’.

    The user can also join a conference by clicking the join conference button what is on the popup received when a conference is created on the web panel.