For the inserts, if I go to my local eye store the cost is sometimes cheaper for the entire prescription (lenses + plastics) (~$99 total) than paying for these. Why is this? -

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    The prescription insert is a custom design that takes into account the integration of the device, comfort, fitting, the ease of use/install/uninstall. Comparing it to eyeglasses would be comparing apples to oranges. Please also keep in mind, the standard lenses for the insert would be Trivex, an impact-resistant material, suitable for any work environments. There is also anti-reflective coating on the lenses to allow maximum visual light transmittance. This would be necessary to avoid reflections from your displays. So far we've worked with many world-class companies and have pretty much optimized the single vision. I understand $229 may seem high to some of your customers. But if you compare to other augmented reality companies prices Rx insert (link below), $229 would seem reasonable.