Changing the displayed language in RemoteEye

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    Below is a guide which shows how to change the language in the RemoteEye mobile apps.
    RemoteEye iOS and RemoteEye Android have different processes for changing the language.

    RemoteEye iOS
    The RemoteEye iOS app will used the system "prefered language" setting on the iOS setting menu.
    Apple has a guide for the changing this setting below:

    RemoteEye Android
    The RemoteEye Android app contains a setting which allows the user to set language the app will display in.
    The language setting can be change by doing the following:

    1. Open the RemoteEye Android app.
    2. Press the hamburger icon(looks like 3 horizontal bars)
    3. Press Utilities
    4. Find and select Settings for the list
    5. Select your preferred language by adjust Change Language value.
    6. Upon changing the language setting, the RemoteEye app will prompt to restart app to allow the changes to take effect.