what is the E2EE end to encryption level on RemoteEye ThirdEye products?

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    RemoteEye Chat Messaging Security

    Key Points

    The text messages are end to end encrypted.
    Messaging uses AES 256 bit encryption.
    On the server side, the access to the files are restricted only to authorized people and all the files are stored encrypted.
    The data stored redundantly are encrypted with the key algorithm for decrypting & encrypting with authorized access.

    RemoteEye chat encryption:
    The end-to-end encryption facilitates the type of encrypted communication that only the sender and recipient can read or view. It prevents anyone in the middle, including the internet provider, server provider, messaging service provider, to read/decrypt messages being sent from one device to another.
    SSL Encryption Chat
    RemoteEye Chat is secured within an established network that ensures the connectivity to and from the user with 256-bit SSL encryption. It securely encapsulates all the data passed between the application and server which ensures information is kept confidential.
    SSL Pinning
    Certificate pinning provides the security for the RemoteEye chat platform as it improves SSL encryption. It generates a specific cryptographic identity that permits users to accept while accessing the messaging application.
    Security and Encryption
    Ensures high-end security of stored data on our distributed infrastructure using AES256, 256-bit SSL with dedicated server instances.
    RemoteEye encrypts the data exchanged through TLS/SSL with authentication devices at both client and server-side.
    RemoteEye doesn’t disclose any personal information, chat or conversation of children under 13 years of age, respecting the COPPA.
    Token Authentication
    To improve security, the RemoteEye app generates token access for users. The server generates a JSON Web Token(JWT) that is used for all other server/api calls. Without that JWT/auth token, none of the messages can be accessed and decrypted.