Can I make annotations stay with physical objects?

  • One of the coolest features of the Hololens + "Remote Assist" is that annotations stay with real physical objects when user rotates his head back and forth.

    • Some your youtube videos demonstrate that X2 MR Glasses can draw virtual objects that stay with physical objects, but that seem to not not related to RemoteEye.
    • This RemoteEye video looks like annotations don't stay with physical objects, sadly.
    • Same for this this video - even though it says there are "live" and "pinned" annotations, it only demonstrates a single annotation. Am I correct that there are two annotation types: "live" and "pinned"?
    • The VisionEye SLAM video looks like the component that is required for the annotations to stay with physical objects nicely... But, for some reason, it is only included with the "ThirdEye Developer Kit", the "consumer" version seem to have no SLAM. So... Does the "SLAM module" work with the "Remote Assist" app somehow?