3D Display

  • Smart glasses newb here.

    I work in the film industry as a data foreman and part of my workflow includes drafting sets and overseeing their execution. I use a drafting a program called Vectorworks and I am looking into incorporating MR glasses that can display my renderings to the crew.

    I know I can export the renderings into a webview, but the user needs to click/drag in order to move around. I currently use a tablet for this, however I'm wondering if the glasses can replace this. I would like the glasses to display my 3d rendering within the area which the set is being built.

    I know I can upload my renderings into Unity, however I am wondering if I can export something from unity that these glasses would be able to display? Would my tech's be able to walk around in an MR environment? Would I need trackers for something like this? Do you make trackers that can be placed around the worksite?

    Thank you!