What are advantages of using AR drones over existing FPV?

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    tactical advantage on the battlefield. You can retain situational awareness and still pilot your drone. Non-mil situational awareness still applies. So it should be safer, you're not going to walk off a cliff with our glasses on or get smacked by something on a construction site.

    then it is also easier to communicate with others around you. So for example in disaster response I can still see you and have a better conversation with you while wearing the glasses to direct teammates etc.

    I’ve tested out the two forms of technology (analog and digital) so we can make it work for any drone that we can design and most drones that currently exist (with some effort)

    Analog drone video feed in the 2.4-5ghz range should be easy to display on the X2 with the help of a little $18 external antenna and video decoder, but might have a little bit latency for things like drone racing , should be fine for other applications

    The DJI digital system is ideal though and doesn’t have to just be in DJI drones they sell it separately and can be added to any drone

    Also looking into incorporating ardupilot so we can work with multirotor copters, fixed wing planes, and VTOL. Honestly limitations are endless. If you look at a product called The Cube Orange , it’s a flight computer that runs ardupilot so they already have open source software for ground station and mission planning and tons of sensor options and we could display the live feed on the glasses with the little HUD the fighter pilots see