What is DroneEye

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    Droneeye is an AR software platform that enables drones to be connected to thirdeye smart glasses. First Person POV for Drones. ThirdEye has already done this for the military and is able to connect drones likeDJI to its Android 9.0 smart glasses. When your drone is flying, you can see the world with its eyes on the screen of your smartphone or through the special glasses. Afterwards, you can also review pictures and videos shot by a drone on your computer. Now, take this one step further and imagine you can see not only real objects as the drone sees them using AR, but also some additional images, text or marks over them—just as you can see lines and names of the streets on Google satellite map. With AR drone software, the user also doesn’t need to be an expert at flying a drone- they can more easily view the live feed from the drone via the Glasses for control. Using AR Glasses, now you can see the drone and drone feed at same time.