Are there any limits on the size of the scanned object? What is the accuracy level? Is the accuracy relative to real world length, width, height in meters, feet?

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    There are no limits on the size of the scan - however the larger the object, the longer the processing time it make take and more pictures are required. The accuracy level is ~2 mm. If you place a marker next to the object then yes the accuracy will be in real world length (length, width, height) as the marker will serve as a basis when export the file. Store Models of up to 3GB in Size A typical 400mb model is the equivalent of a building with a total size of ~15,000 soft
    For the smart glasses we recommend using the VisionEye slam module ScanEye which will be faster for scanning on the glasses and will reduce the monthly price (without slam module needs cloud computing). On phones/tablets no cloud compute needed for 3d scanning.