What is RemoteEye? How is the connectivity?

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    RemoteEye enables AR see-what-i-see capabilities for any remote technician.
    Targets Every Industry. Main feature is AR remote assistance.
    Regular Connectivity: Blue tooth, USB-C. Hotspots can be used in Areas with low connectivity. In both these situations, Real time training support can be provided to remote teams by senior staff located elsewhere through the use of our comprehensive RemoteEye Software:
    RemoteEye software allows real-time “see what I see” where remote Senior Staff can see the junior staff’s point of view, and train them. RemoteEye has the ability to send annotations, video and documents, and record the sessions for future use. The user also has the ability to create task "check-lists" and record the checklists.
    Areas with no connectivity at all and no hotspots: ThirdEye glasses have a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor which allows for storage of up to 64 GB ram storage. The customer can pre-load "how to" videos, manuals and other training documents into the glasses, which allows the end user to have training tools with them, without the need to carry manuals. The user can also record the situation (say in a remote mine or oil and gas field) and upload this video to the server when connectivity is available, to update the training artifacts.
    Here is a video link showing remoteeye in action. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Arp5yjfQqho&list=PLBKZiw103i7xOj0CgMMcJZ4rrwwxjsYAV