What information does my prescription need to receive the prescription frames?

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    For the RX info: the Doctor's script that has the patient's name, Sphere, Cylinder, and Axis along with pupillary distance (PD), would be sufficient. In most cases, the user can just take a picture of their prescription. On some doctor’s scripts the PD distance is not written so make sure you get that otherwise the inserts cannot be fulfilled. Please double check that the script lists the pupillary distance (PD) info on the script. Below explains why it's important before RO can start.
    The PD is the distance between pupils in millimeters broken down into right and left measurements (e.g. 33/34), and we use it to properly align the lenses for the best visual acuity. If your doctor has ever made glasses for you, they should have it on file; and it's a quick measurement to have taken at a local optical shop if not. Looking forward to getting your insert started once we have this additional information.